mercredi 21 novembre 2007

Tv journal # 5

I think that Desperate Housewives is a show a little bit too hard to understand in english. There is a lot of things that happened at the same time and if you don't understand a part of the show you will not understand the rest of the show. This is why I don't recommed this show to the beginners. For people who are good in english this is a very good show and the story is very nice!

I think that I learned some new words from watching this program and maybe I learned how to pronunciate some words better.

Tv journal # 4

A morning, I found a note on my calendar that said "Mary-Alice diner". I remember that each year, at the same time we do this diner. So, I suggested doing it even if Mary-Alice died. I wanted to invite Mike but yesterday, he heardwhen I was screaming at my ex-husband in front of my house. Now, I think that he will never want to come with me at Bree’s diner.

Carl came to my house to talk about our problems, but I was too frustrated to forgive him. I went outside with him, and when I closed the door of his car the towel that where rolled up around me hung up in the door. So, I was naked in front of my house. I jumped in the bush to hide. Few minutes later, Mike found me and he told me that he wanted to come with me at Bree’s diner.

lundi 24 septembre 2007

Tv journal assignment #2

In Episode # 2, the suspense took place when the four girls found a note that were sent to Mary-Alice the same day that she shot herself. This note was a warning and the four girls wanted to know more about it. Suzanne went to see Paul to ask him some questions. She saw him put a chest, that he had dig up from the bottom of his pool, in the trunk of his car. Suzanne thought that it was very suspicious.
Gabrielle was not happy with her husband Carlos. He bought her many gifts, like a car, but it was not what she wanted. This is why she had a lover, John the gardener. Bree had some problems with her husband. They went to see a conflict marriage councillor, but Bree concentrated more on the stitched button of his jacket. Suzanne met Mike while she was taking out the garbage and she asked him for supper. Eddy was looking for Mike too, so she also came to the supper and the battle for Mike started. Lynette had trouble in the car with her children, so she decided to try her neighbour's idea. She left her children on the side of the street, but a big woman who lived next door brought them to her house and didn’t want Lynette to take them. The three children kicked the woman and ran into the car. After that, they had no more trouble in the car.

jeudi 30 août 2007

Tv journal assignment #1

I chose the tv show Desperate Housewives because I know many people who already watch it and they told me that they like this tv show. The story takes place in a small, rich and quiet neighbourhood on Wisteria Lane. Five housewives are friends but today one of them, Mary Alice, has been found dead. The other women want to know more about what happened because they don’t understand what motivated Mary Alice to shoot herself. So Suzanne, Bree, Gabriel and Lynette will try to get some clues. Furthermore, the four wives have to deal with their family problems. Suzanne is a divorced woman who lives with her daughter, Bree and Gabriel have conjugal problems and Lynette has three hyperactive children. I think that this tv show will help me to learn many new words and grammar, and it will help me to improve my pronunciation.

mercredi 29 août 2007


This blog has been created to talk about the tv show Desperate Housewives, I hope you will enjoy!